Outlines For Recognising Important Details In Ladies Handbags

Mar 14, 2017  

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The fire erupted around midday east of the town of Sterling and quickly grew out of control as gale-force winds fanned the flames, said Marilee Johnson, spokeswoman for the Logan County Office of Emergency Management. Mandatory evacuations were lifted for the town of Haxtun late in the afternoon but some 900 homes remain threatened and those residents have been warned to prepare to flee should shifting winds drive flames their way, she said. The 30,000-acre fire was 50 percent contained, the Logan County Office of Emergency Management said in a statement. No injuries have been reported but three homes and a fourth structure were burned to the ground.The cause of the fire was unknown. Footage from a Denver television station showed rows of hay bales in the agricultural area consumed by flames. More than 70 firefighters from 13 agencies were battling the blaze, emergency managers said. The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment issued an air quality alert due to smoke and dust kicked up by the winds, warning residents to stay indoors. "This is especially true for those with heart disease, respiratory illnesses, the very young and the elderly," the health reference department said in a statement. Interstate 76 was temporarily closed due to smoke and blowing dust but some county roads remained closed by nightfall, the state emergency operations center said. Schools in the towns of Caliche, Haxtun and Fleming were evacuated as winds whipped up the grass fire in the afternoon, the state office of emergency management said in a statement posted on its website. The National Weather Service issued high wind warnings or advisories for much of Colorado as a cold front blew across the state on Monday, with blowing snow making for hazardous driving conditions in the Colorado mountains.

In one of the oldest Jewish examples, Yocheved, Moses mother, followed the letter of the law by putting her infant son into the Nile river.(Exodus 2:3) However, if you read carefully, you see that first, she made the basket waterproof by sealing it with bitumen and pitch. Also, someone (probably Yocheved or another unnamed woman) wove that basket in the first place. She wove it so tightly that all it needed was a bit of caulk to be safe enough to carry a baby down a river. Yocheved used her skills to resist without breaking the law. In other parts of the Torah, you can find multiple references to womens amazing spinning skills. Check out the construction of the Tabernacle, in Exodus 35 and 36. Every hand spun yarn and every piece of handwoven cloth was a privilege. Only the most skilled were invited to contribute. Only the most beautiful materials, made by the most talented weavers and dyers, produced that cloth. Why is this relevant to the current use of mass-produced fashion to show our political choices?

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