Basic Answers On Simple Handbags Systems

Jun 17, 2017  

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Via UN_Women: “Disabilities call for addressing the entire spectrum of human rights of women & girls”- Deputy ED Lakshmi Puri #COSP10

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These Andhra women turn weeds into beautiful bags, and you will definitely want to buy one

I’ve been plucking out the water hyacinth in my family farm since I was a child, and I was fascinated to hear that it could be turned into pretty items," Padmavati says. In 2014, Shaikh Mujeeb, a 25-year-old techie who teaches science experiments to students at his private tutorial centre in Hyderabad, was looking for ideas for one of his students’ projects. "At the time, I had returned to Pedravuru to visit my ancestral home. My childhood friend and I were talking about projects we did in school when he mentioned that he had make a box out of dried water hyacinth. That's when i realised that this nuisance of a weed could be made into something beautiful," Shaikh says. Soon after, Shaikh began research on handicrafts made using water hyacinth and this led him to Assam, the only other state in India where the weed is used to make handicrafts. "I learnt the craft from a group of 100 artisans in Assam. When i came back, I recruited 20 women initially, and that's how Allika started," he explains. Shaikh had approached a Hyderabad-based company called UnLtd, which offered to invest the principal capital for Shaikh's venture. Two years on, the company is growing at a 20% rate.

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