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Jun 15, 2017  

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From Schauna Chauhan to Bibhu Mohapatra, the business class's guide to living out of a suitcase

From Schauna Chauhan to Bibhu Mohapatra, the business class From Schauna Chauhan to Bibhu Mohapatra, the business class's guide to living out of a suitcase Schauna Chauhan (left) and Bibhu Mohapatra (right). When travelling for work, rolling around a pricey - yet functional - trolley can alleviate some of the stress that comes with flying. Here are five high-flyers and their favourite bags that go the extra mile. Director, Poonawalla Group of Engineering Companies Michelle Poonawalla at an event in Mumbai. (Image: BCCL) "My all-time favourite luggage brand is Louis Vuitton and no one can beat it. But the only thing is that when you travel internationally, the airports ruin your bags. So when I'm carrying hand luggage, it's always LV and when I am checking in my luggage, it's always Victorinox because checked in bags are thrown around. They break, tear, everything." "I don't have a specific luggage brand that I favour. I look for luggage where the suitcase is not very heavy because when you are carrying a lot of stuff, the weight of the suitcase shouldn't also be accounted for.

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